Phone: +7(499) 461-33-72
Address: 1A 14th Parkovaya Street, Building 1,
Moscow Metro station: Pervomayskaya
OOO Tsentr Glaznogo Protezirovaniya   (Eye Prosthetics Centre, LLC)
Abbreviated company name: "TGP" LLC
Legal address: 1A 14th Parkovaya Street,   Moscow, 105203. 
Mailing address: 1A 14th Parkovaya Street,   Moscow, 105203.
Incorporation:Moscow Registration  
Chamber  Incorporation date: 11-06-1998  
OGRN 1027739791727
OKVED 33.10.1

Phone: +7 (499) 461-33-72.
Fax: +7 (499) 461-33-72.
INN 7728173026 KPP 771901001
RosEvroBank, Moscow  
Operating account 40702810400000480124
Correspondent account 30101810445250000836
Russian Bank Identifier Code 044525836

Director (acting ex officio): Anton Aleekseevich Tuchin

The centre is the oldest   company in Russia creating prostheses of the most intricate and fragile human   organ — the eye.

It was founded in June 1943, by an order of the Council of People’s Commissars as the Moscow Eye Prosthesis Factory. It was the industry pioneer in the Soviet Union.

Then, prosthetic eyes   were made from milk glass, coloured glass and transparent glass.

Prosthetics today, glass remains one   of the most flexible and practical materials and also offers excellent   cosmetic properties.

Modern ocular prostheses are made from a special glass, which is produced using an original technology developed and patented by Centre employees. These prostheses are resistant to the mechanical effects of dust and disinfectents, retain lively shine, and are well moistened with tears, which facilitates the movement of the eyelid. Unique specialist glassblowers reproduce the individual pattern of the iris, blood vessels, color and shape of the eyeball with photographic accuracy. The combination of cutting-edge technology and handwork helps us create prostheses, which only a specialist can distinguish from the human eye. Every prosthesis is work of art. The people who do this work have dedicated dozens of years of their lives to prosthetics, and devote five years to professional education. prosthetics

The masters who produce plastic prosthetic eyes are much like artists, and work with a brush and paints. They look into your eyes and paint a portrait of "the mirror of your soul." Plastic prostheses are slightly bit heavier than glass ones, but are more resistant to the effects of temperature and last longer. Our oculists will help you choose the material best suited to your needs.

For clients who live too far from Moscow to enjoy a personal fitting, we can create a "mass" prosthesis. These are equivalent in quality to custom-made prostheses, and the only difference is that they are chosen from ready-made tables and catalogues, based on the desired color, size and shape.


Several research institutes constantly develop new polymers for the Centre of Eye Prosthetics, and these materials will help perfect the prostheses we create.se materials will help perfect the prostheses we create.